First time pass in Oxford
Becky is a very knowledgeable driving instructor who supported me and made me feel confident when learning to drive. She made learning to drive fun letting me decide what I needed to work on and remained very calm if something didn’t go quite right, allowing me time to correct the mistake on my own before offering guidance. Becky is a friendly and enthusiastic instructor who is very easy to talk to which always made me look forward to the next lesson and she always knew how to answer my many questions. The lessons and resources she provided were very high quality and she ensured that I fully understood how to do something or why things happen whilst driving which increased my confidence greatly. I would highly recommend Becky to anyone who is looking at learning to drive! Thank you so much for the lessons!!!

Lockdown cancellation passed first time
Ffion was booked to do a semi intensive course over the school Easter but patiently waited until July to start her driving course. She managed to pass first time, just in time to no longer have to take the school bus. I’ve just passed my driving test at the first attempt and just couldn’t have done it without Becky’s brilliant help. Becky put me at ease with her calm, clear and patient approach and really focused on my specific needs as a new driver. The online student hub was very helpful when it came to my theory test. The practice questions and the mock hazard perception tests where particularly helpful.

Sophie Sophie
Keyworker passed 1st time
Sophie had her driving canceled in April due to the pandemic. She applied for a key worker test as she was working hard at Sainsbury’s. She was initially turned down, but later offered a test in July. Having not had a lesson in over 3 months, she booked one just to remind herself. Then passed in oxford with only a few minors. Well done Sophie. Sophie’s comments are; Becky was very helpful and let me choose what I felt I needed to work on and what I wanted to do. I was very comfortable when driving with her.

Passed first time after 18 hours tuition
Becky was a brilliant instructor and without her I would be no where near passing my test. She explained everything very clearly and let me practice if I wanted to, staying positive even if I really messed up. She wouldn’t point out my mistakes straightaway, but would let me think about it and then explain it if I had no clue, which I liked. Becky is also an amazing person, always enthusiastic and it was clear that she loved what she was doing and that she admired your progress, and that it wasn’t just a job for her. Her enthusiasm was contagious and it meant that you looked forward to every lesson, wanting to learn more. You felt as though you talk about anything and were guaranteed a good response. Even after the first lesson I felt that I had progressed quickly. Becky not only gave you the tools to pass (the book, lessons) but also made sure that you used those tools correctly - constantly texting you and telling you to read a passage of the textbook and what my areas of weakness were. I would highly recommend Becky as an instructor - have already recommended her to 3 people - as she was key in helping me pass in only 18 hours. The textbook was also very well laid out and the website helped me revise for the theory test.

So happy to pass my test with Becky
Becky is an excellent driving instructor: Always on time for lessons and organised in keeping track of lesson hours. In lessons I was able to focus on my weaknesses that we had identified at the end of the last lesson, making each lesson very productive and I felt I had improved after each on. Becky is very easy to talk to which helped me relax as I began as a very nervous driver, this as important to me. I now feel very confident in driving thanks to Becky, I’d recommend to anyone!

Passed in Oxford at only 17 and a half.
Becky was very kind friendly and patient. She is great at explaining and an effective teacher. I would highly recommend her at anyone wanting to learn to drive.

First time pass in Oxford
I am very grateful for my lessons with Becky. She's an excellent teacher and enables her students to learn in a fun and safe environment. Becky made me feel very confident in my driving and encouraged me to push myself. I have no hesitation in recommending Becky as a brilliant driving instructor. The LD system is a very effective way to learn driving and it definitely helped me pass my test. I also made use of the LDC theory test preparation which I found very helpful.

First test taken in Oxford, and it's a Pass.
I couldn't be happier with Becky as my driving instructor. She was friendly and so easy to get along with which put me at ease. After failing my test 3 years prior and not driving since, I was quite nervous and deflated about driving in general. But Becky was calm and able to make me feel a lot more confident than I did before. She gave me lots of information and tracked my progress after each lesson which was very helpful. Becky was also flexible with changing lesson times (with fair notice) as my shifts changed at work which wasnt an issue. Although I had failed my driving before, I passed on my first attempt with Becky as my instructor. If I need any help with driving in the future I would definitely go to her. So big thanks to Becky. Couldn't recommend her enough.

Rory potterRory potter
Lessons with Becky got me my driving licence
I had taken my test already failed before having a 9-month break off from learning to drive. I was nervous about starting lessons again, but Becky put me at ease, and we focused on the areas I needed to improve on. It took only 11 hours of lessons with Becky to pass on my second attempt. Becky was calm and patient with me as I became used to driving again and getting used to the new car. Her knowledge and experience have helped make me a better and safer driver. She adapted the LDC program to me as I had already had over 40 hours of lessons with another LDC instructor. We revisited key concepts as well as incorporating commentary driving, which helped me relax and become a more observant driver. I would recommend Becky to anyone wanting to become a better and safer driver.

New to Oxford so had to get to know the roads quickly for my successful test.
Having recently moved to the Oxford area, I got in touch with Becky to continue learning how to drive. I ended up having around 20 with Becky before I passed my test. I can honestly say, I enjoyed all of our lessons together not only is Becky incredibly knowledgeable on all things 'driving' she also has a really lovely naturally calm temperament which helped put me at ease in the car from Day 1. Thank you so much Becky you are a natural teacher!!

Denise Denise
Mature student after years off driving passes first time!
After a break of three years learning to drive, due to personal circumstances I decided to get back into my lessons. I had 20 hours with Becky in total. And I'm happy to say I passed first time. I found becky to be open, friendly, instructive and informative. Becky gave precise instructions, was calm and a great support to me. The LDC book I used to inform me, and found it useful if I had 0any questions outside of the lesson to help me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Becky to friends and family, you're in safe hands!

Only 10 hours instruction and lots of parent practice!
Millie passed first time with only 5 minor driving faults. She had 10 hours instruction with Becky and lots and lots of hours practice with parents and also studied the LDC workbook that proved very useful. Millie's comments- Becky was very welcoming, a nice teacher who is patient with mistakes. She makes learning fun as well as making sure you learn. A Super teacher- I wouldn't want anyone else!

Passed first time with only 2 minors
Becky is a great very knowledgeable instructor. She was always able to answer any questions I had. She is clear and teaches well whilst being fun and helpful. She was very good at responding to lesson times quickly and always found spaces no matter the time of day. The LDC workbook was also good, but it would be good if it had a more indepth index so you could find facts such as when to apply the handbrake better.

I passed my test first with zero faults. This is because I had the most amazing instructor. I loved the LDC system and was originally terrified to drive. I turned seventeen in September (2018) but got into a car and hated it. In February I decided to take lessons with Becky: she helped me feel calm and comfortable in the car until I was ready to pass my practical in July. Becky was easy to get along with and our lessons were very enjoyable. I found the LDC system easy to use, and the YouTube clips were fun to watch. I was also able to see the progress I made through the LDC workbook which I loved.

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